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"Art is when




Timeless was born when I started getting bored with my mundane furniture.  I decided to try painting a piece I bought for $15.  Next thing you know, I was painting all of the things in my home!  I was IN LOVE.  I had ignited a passion inside me that I never knew existed.  As I work on a piece, it speaks to me and that is why I give every spec piece I transform a name suited to its personality. 

When I'm not painting, I hold a corporate job in the marketing field and am also mommy to an amazing little girl!  Because my background is in marketing, I am used to making things pretty - which is where I get my artistic abilities and vision from I guess! Living at the Jersey Shore allows me to escape to the beach and get inspired. After all, I'm a Pisces and we love the water! 

I love experimenting with new techniques and I try to think out of the box. I like my pieces to set themselves apart.  I want someone to come into your home and ask where you got that unique piece!  My favorite part of my work is the happiness that comes from a client when they see their pieces transformed into something new and full of life. They smile and sometimes I even get hugs!  I love when people tell me they can't wait to see my next piece. Having other artists in the same industry tell me I inspire them is the best compliment I can ever receive.  My heart just sings when I hear that!  <3

You can find Timeless on facebook, pinterest and instagram.

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