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#timelesstuesday is born

So, I'm hoping to be able to find the time to actually start a blog! I'd love to share techniques and finishes with you and maybe share my opinion of products too.

I hope this works because one day, I'll do furniture full time and it would be great to have a "diary" of where I started!

I will call Tuesdays, #TimelessTuesdays and share an old project I've done. I'll share before and after photos, as much as I have, and describe how I achieved each look so that someone at home can try it too!

Today we will start with Caesar. A custom dresser I did for someone. I picked up this vintage piece because, well helllooooo... LOOK AT THAT DETAIL!! I posted it on my biz site and someone claimed it before I could even touch it. She wanted it to match a mirror I had done that she had bought from me.

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